Reeseco has dedicated, experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of markets, tort law, and claim trends for all specailties and states thoughout the country. Our access to the vast majority of physician carriers and knowledge of their most competitive territories and specialties, as well as all of their applicable discounts and benefits, enable us to ensure that our physician and physician group clients get maximum coverage and benefits for their premium dollars. Along with providing physicians and groups with the best basic professional liability coverage options available, we can also provide customized services for challenging structures and needs and handle all other necessary lines of coverage. Our expertise will provide the most and best coverage options that apply to your needs, including:

·All specialties and multi-specialty groups
·Primary or excess limits
·Facultatively placed high excess limits for large group practices
·Single location or multi-location clinics
·IPAs, MSOs, and PHOs
·Separate or aggregate limit structures
·Deductibles, retentions, and other risk assuming formats
·Advanced tail or ERP options including slotting, rolling IBNRs, and stand alone tails
·The most comprehensive and competitively priced coverage options that apply to your needs.