Reeseco has professionals experienced in finding coverage solutions for all conventional and newly arising types of diagnostic facilities. Professional liability and all other applicable lines of coverage are available for diagnostic facilities of all kinds including, but not limited to: imaging centers, cath labs, physical therapy centers, blood banks, and dialysis and lithotripsy centers. Some of the many coverage highlights and options we can offer when necessary include:

· Corporate vicarious liability coverage
· Employed physicians and employed ancillary personnel coverage
· Various limit structures, including high or excess limits placed in the facultative market for large centers
· Coverage on a master policy that can easily facilitate the addition of new acquisitions, especially for large groups of centers
· Coverage available that can enable the addition or deletion of personnel or centers via a "rolling incurred but not reported" method (rolling IBNR) that may eliminate the need to purchase "tails"
· Risk may be rated on a "per visit", gross receipts, or "number of procedures" basis